Putting Faces to Names

Not content to just be a voice in the crowd, Ian stepped in front of the lens once again and helped present a series of videos about hostels and cites within the Visegrád countries (read up on some history for more info about this). In collaboration with the Visegrad Fund and 3 Bros. Hostel, we travelled to Cosy Corner Hostel (Olomouc, CZ), Hostel Košice (Košice, SK), Ananas Hostel (Pécs, HU) and back to 3 Bros. Hostel (Cieszyn, PL) on a whirlwind tour of culture, great new friends and tasty food and beverages. Click here for a link to watch all the videos, see Ian in action and to learn more about each of these amazing destinations!

Moving and Shaking

oneplaceThe first quarter of the new year has come and gone, and with it we began working from our new location in Cieszyn, Poland. With the new office overlooking the border to Czech Republic and being a quick hop down the train line to Slovakia, this provides us with access to more options and more clients (and a bit of mountain hiking as well). The start of the year has also been rather productive with new collaborations (e.g., N-Studio and Soundprove) and new projects. So far we have provided voices for Muzeum Emigracji w Gdyni, OnePlace, PiLab, as well as for Spomlek and Ceresit, just to name a few! So, once again, thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing what the remainder of the year will bring about!

To Ifinity and Beyond!

ifinityThe world moves on, with or without us, so we may as well keep up as best we can … but one should never lose sight of the past. This seems to have been the theme of our summer here at Wonky Paw. Over the past few months, we have recorded voiceovers for an advanced hydraulics and oil systems conglomeration (PONAR Silesia Group) and, most recently, for ifinity, a new company that uses smart beacons to assist people in their daily lives. Along with all this high-tech, we still love the chance to brush up on our history and have voiced a set of new promotional videos in multiple languages for the Czech city of Opava (in post production at the moment, but we shall provide links as soon as they are available).

Since we are speaking of technology, let us remind you that you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google + … and your support is always appreciated!

Keeping Up With Technology

oortWe never stay idle here are Wonky Paw Studio, and there have been many projects in the works over the past few weeks. Now online is a new recording by Ian for the up-and-coming oort home connection system. Looks very interesting and promising! You can watch the video on our Voices page or check out the extended version for more information on the project directly from the firm here.

In the past few weeks, we have also recoded for Blachotrapez, ISOVER, PZU, Aava, Trec Nutrition and Ceresit, to name but a few. And during this time, we have also gained a new friend in Wrocław in our collaboration with EOS Studio! The first half of 2014 has been very productive indeed.

A Breath of Fresh Air

edelFirstly, Happy New Year to everyone! 2014 begins with a new voiceover completed by Ian for a promotional film spot for Sanatorium EDEL in Czech Republic. Looks like a nice place for a visit, and the work they do with children is fantastic! Continuing with new beginnings, this project also marks our first with the high-flying video company Copterfilm. So, keep your glasses raised, and let us once again toast the new year!

Tea Time

Teahouse TransportA new promotional video for the up-and-coming Teahouse Transport company is on-line! This recording, completed by Ian (this time breaking away from his American accent), is aimed at the UK market and was done in collaboration with Pointfilm in Czech Republic. You can view the video on their website or on our voice samples page HERE.

Recording for Centrum Nowoczesności “Młyn Wiedzy” in Toruń

071712_dock2One of our Americans living abroad, Gabrielle, recently completed a short recording for Wonky Paw to be used at the Centrum Nowoczesności “Młyn Wiedzy” in Toruń concerning the docking of the Soyuz spacecraft with the International Space Station where she provides the English voiceover of the Russian dialogue. This project was done in cooperation with our good friend at Sound Mind.

Dog Training with Brit

britA summer session of recording for Ian has finished for Brit. 52 voiceovers were done for dog training videos that are available in their Brit Training Tips programme. A few samples can be heard HERE. This project was our second collaboration with Pointfilm.