– A Bit About Me

Wonky Paw Recording Studio is the moniker and home studio / alternative lifestyle of voiceover artist Ian Transue. Specialising in the recording of English language voiceovers for a multitude of projects, I have been providing my voice (and sometimes that of others) to clients and studios for over 15 years, along with the occasional spot in front of a camera when the chance presents itself. Besides my complete addiction to a bucket of morning coffee, I am a long-time D&D nerd, music and film lover, pun aficionado, whisky fanatic, cat whisperer and have a disturbing desire to abuse my tastebuds with copious amounts of hot sauce. Though usually getting called on to do the standard style of reading for museum audio guides, adverts and explainer videos, I love to use dialects and other accents to spice up a video game, audiobook or to just be a bit different and act as required. So, if you have a project, big or small, feel free to contact me directly for more information, availability (it’s my home … I am typically always here) or a quote.

– Tools Of The Trade

Though I know my way round Pro Tools and am happy to use this DAW if needed, I am frustrated with their customer service, subscription only pricing and amount of bloat for the needs of a voiceover studio. I love the underdog and community of Reaper these days, and I typically use this in my day-to-day workflow. As for my gear, the RØDE NT-1 and Audient iD44 are my loves (so clean, so quiet). If I need to go on the road (but not RØDE … hehehe, get it?), I pack up the NT-1 with the Audient iD4 and and an iPad. Sadly gathering dust these days, I still do have a Mackie 1642-VLZ3 for that analogue-to-digital touch!

– Client List

Starting out doing multiple voices and accents for an English language learning series (back on CD, no less!), I have mostly appeared in adverts, promotional films, video games, mobile apps, audiobooks, museum audio guides, instructional videos and countless other projects for a variety of businesses and individuals. Here is a very select list of them:





Palacký University, Olomouc


BNP Paribas

Kraków Opera


Polish Police Department

Can-Pak S.A.

Tetra Pak International S.A.

Mintia Graphic Design

ING Bank

Royal Europa

TM Century



Tantum Verde


Wilanów Palace Museum

Brit Training Tips

Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH

Euvit, s.r.o.


Head Group …… and literally hundreds more!

– Contact Information

– If you have any questions, comments or need a quote for a project, please contact me at the following telephone number:

Czech Republic

+420 725 073 701

But it is – ALWAYS – best to email:

info (at) wonkypaw.com