– Demo Collection For Download

If you prefer a quick mix of styles and such, have a listen and download the audio file below to get a taste of everything:


– More Samples

Here you can find a very small selection of samples of previous or ongoing projects throughout the years:



  • Project Remedium (multiple voices and characters)
  • Hamster Bob (main character) (external link)
  • 300 Dwarves (all voices) (external link)
  • Dogfight 1942 (Harrison / Controller)

– In Front Of The Lens

And sometimes, I get to be a “star” … a very distant star, but … I’ll take it!

– Behind The Lens

This is more just to put it out there because it was a passion of mine, but you can see some of the travel photography I used to do here on FLICKR (I still LOVE photography, but the struggle of earning a living from it was too much):

Ian Transue’s Albums on Flickr