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Finding My Way – part 5

Depression can be crippling. It curls round your head, soul, thoughts and ideas, blotting out the light and squeezing the breath from you. Too many have compared it to a beast or daemon consuming you … devouring your happiness and joy. But I find the comparison a little too ‘horror […]

Finding My Way – part 4

In my eyes, at this very moment, I see an old, worn out jumper. The collar knitting is mildly stained and darkened from constant contact with the oil and sweat from the head and neck it has encircled over the years, and the cuffs of the sleeves are ragged and […]

Too Little Too Late

I will admit to being sporadic when it comes to writing, but generally, when I start an idea, I run with it until I finish. It has to be completed. Yet I am having the most difficult of times even starting this one. “Then why write?” you ask. Because I […]

Finding My Way – part 3

Youth … it’s a funny thing. Some people yearn for those days of old when life was much less complicated and when the brows were less furrowed from the stress of responsibility and the need to exist in a money-hungry world. Other folks recall their glory days and the way […]

Finding My Way – part 2

I despise buying airline tickets … a month in advance … on-line. Inevitably, the online registration process for reservation adds yet another load of crap to my inbox. News of new airline routes, summer sales, changes in regulations, reminders of the fact that “Hey, look where we fly, but you […]

Finding My Way – part 1

Oh, to still have all my hair! Prague ca. 1999 I’m a wee bit scared. Anxiety attacks at night, even. After a few months of daydreaming and mulling things over, a good friend of mine, Mitch, has finally talked me into doing a long-distance hike. He has experience at these […]


Where I reside at present has a tendency to remain grey, dark and cold for the lengthy winter months, but there is still magic to be found in some hidden nook or cranny down a back alley. This can lead many a soul into the shadow, aching for warmth and […]

Liberation: 27 January 1945

In Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: 27 January 1945 There is no need for the beasts of fantasy or the demons from hell when the horrors of mankind are already beyond comprehension. I resided in Kraków, Poland for nearly seven years before I made an trip […]


Six years ago today, my daughter was born in Kraków, Poland to a tired American father and an even more worn out Polish mother. By standards, it was not a lengthy labour, but, that being said, this little spark of life needed a bit of a prod to make her […]

Thailand, Laos and Cambodia – Arrival

Growing up in the South can be taxing on the human body when it comes to the heat and humidity. Southern Georgia was bad, but nowhere near as sweltering as the hot, sticky hell of Mississippi in summer, where I had the punishment of spending my high school and short-lived university years. […]