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Axis of Evil … or Hospitality?

In light of present situations, I feel a bit of a reminder is in order concerning Syria and its people. Many terrible things have gone on throughout history (the Black Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, Germany’s blitzkrieg on Poland, apartheid, the 3rd Matrix film), and, unless the world gets whacked by […]

Borders and Frames

One may have noticed that I have travelled a smidgeon in the Middle Eastern countries of Syria, Jordan and Egypt over the course of the last few years, and politically mapped boundaries (set out by the English and French ages back without consideration to history or cultural traditions) must be […]

Slap and Tickle

A Canadian friend of mine, Rob, has been recently exiled to the Middle East for an indefinite period of time and has, of course, had to make the necessary adjustments in his life to deal with such a fate. Don’t feel that I am saying the Middle East is a […]