Flight of Fancy

Friday, Jan. 22:

Why does it seem all flights I have to take leave at an hour where most piss-heads come home tossing their cookies up from the pub? OK, I admit, the hour of actual departure was not so bad; it’s just the getting up three hours beforehand to make it to the airport for their “reasonable” check-in time that puts my hairs up. I have no problems getting up at 6 am. Earlier than that is just not natural. I’ll move on to better things, though. After all the new crap about security on flights, I have to say that I was expecting worse than I got. What I figured would happen would be a full-cavity body search with drug-sniffing gerbils doing the intimate dirty work, but what I got was just a rapid look-over and an “enjoy your flight”. What? Do I not seem attractive enough at 6 am for a frisking? Oh well … there is always the return flight.

Made it to Cairo without any other issues. After doing so many rounds of Jordan and Syria, Cairo surprises me for its relative cleanliness. Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough. Hard to see through all the exhaust fumes anyway. But it is good to see the sand and desert again. That’s something that still fascinates me. And it is a welcome change from the -18 C temp I left behind in Poland!

Early to bed tonight (since I was up so damned early). I have also developed a what seems to be repeating pre-tour minor sore throat. Subliminal or goodbye kisses from my sinus cold infected, snot-filled daughter and hacking-up-a-lung wife? You make the call.