Just Foolin’ Round

Welcome the first of the month of April. A new joke begins, hoping the tired and worn jester of the past year has retired his bobbled hat and infuriating sceptre that has been too long spearing me in the side with a blow as fatal as that dealt out to the Christ on that hill of laughing skulls. I have not been amused, but I could do nothing but put on a Cheshire cat grin and bear my own cross through the streets of Jerusalem, Damascus, Petra, Cairo and everywhere else the metal bird had dropped me. As I wipe away the custard from my eyes and spit the soda from my lungs, I also stuff Jack back down onto his coil and latch tight the lid to his gaily painted cube. Let’s wind him up for a change! Pop up again, little comic, and I will tear your bloody head off … because this trick has worn thin, and I am more than ready to reverse the roles and play Punch to your Judy. And I will laugh again … harder and with more joy than ever before. I may have been the fool, but I shall be an idiot no more!