I have been asked numerous time what it is like to live away from “home” for so long, so I have decided to start this blog to share some of my experiences and opinions on the world in which I have been living for nearly ten years now. I would also like to stress that these are my personal opinions and views and may, of course, be tainted by my mood or state of mind at the time of writing. If I am angry, I may rant and rave; if things are hunky-dory, I may wax lyrically for a spell. I shall try to be as factual as I can be; in other words, I will not knowingly present falsifications. Just remember that I am only human, and the truth of a matter may not rear its head until a later moment. I also do not wish to offend anyone, but there are cases in which I might use generalisations. Please do not take these personally, as I am well aware that everyone is unique in their own way and hates to be labelled a stereotype. This is one thing that travelling has proven to me time and time again. It is a wonderful and interesting world in which we live. Yes, there is a lot of horror in it as well, but I hope the good points still outweigh the negative. With that in mind, let us begin our journey … and feel free to ask questions!