Pigs in a blanket

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine about things that seem to be missing here in Poland. We came to the conclusion that one major issue is the lack of a good breakfast. Now, my friend Andy is from the UK, so we agreed that a proper breakfast is a good fry-up … eggs, bacon rashers, link sausage, potato scones, baked beans, tomato, etc. (Andy also said that he believes there is a fat man inside him dying to get out). I disagree with him when he says that Polish food is sub-par (there are plenty of great meals around here), but for a country known for kielbasa, the lack of regular link breakfast sausage is a crying shame. I’m not saying that an English / Scottish / Irish breakfast is the healthiest thing in the world to toss down your gullet every morning, but I would really love to partake of this delicacy on occasion without having to frequent one of the two Irish pubs around town that charge an outrageous sum of money to indulge in this culinary delight. You are able to purchase a few of the ingredients at TESCO, but not all (I’m speaking of link sausage again). And it has actually only been in the last two years that bacon rashers have been available on the market. Yes, you could buy bacon, but not sliced in strips. Hey, you don’t want to have to put too much effort into making breakfast, do you? Also, there are no fast food chains that specialise in breakfast menus either. The golden arches doesn’t even have a breakfast menu! You can get a coffee and cheeseburger at 7 am, but no sausage biscuit. The lack of these has not made me want to run back to America or Scotland and unleash my inner portly being, but I do hope that with the influx of so many British tourists jumping on cheap flights to come here and partake of the cheap alcohol, they may just push the locals to start stocking or producing a larger variety of breakfast options … I mean, really, what cures a hangover better than a greasy fry-up and a can of Irn Bru?