The Morning After

I have to say that even though I was getting a bit worried about crowd turnout for a 9 pm start to the exhibition on Friday, carbon-based lifeforms did eventually fill in the empty spaces of Mała Czarna and the results were more than acceptable. I am truly thankful for Anna and Piotr (owners of the pub) for all the hard work and kindness they have provided, Mimikra gets a huge thumbs up for their concert and the way they made the two tunes I belted out sound much better than I ever expected (considering we rehearsed them for a total of 10 minutes a few hours before the exhibition kicked off), a massive “aw, shucks” to the Bochnia crowd for their faces, amazing support and attempts at understanding my horrendous pronunciation of Polish, and lastly, a major “cool beans” to Damon from Canada, my brother-in-law Marek and Gosia and Marcin for leaving the confines of their homes to make it out to Bochnia for the night. The next question is: what will I do to top this? Eh … I am sure I can think of something.