Playing Catch

Time is never really on my side. Actually, to be truthful, I do not organise my time very well. I can organise people’s, though! I know, for the one or two people out there reading any of this, you may be saying to yourself, “hey, when is this tosser going to finish with the part IIIs and IVs (or whatever) of his ever-so-enjoyable tales?”(I know that’s what you are thinking, considering how important I am in your lives; so don’t even TRY to kid yourself! And stop calling me a tosser, too!) I will get around to it (or at least continue posting messages that claim I’ll get around to it) … eventually. I do have more to tell as there is still the last part of the Scandinavian trip to cover, I really wish to write more about the folks we met in France, and there is also the disturbing run in with the lady-boy in Thailand that I need to … ooops! Well, I have some more to add to the older stories … let’s just leave it at that. New things are also coming about as well. I just finished two trips as a tour leader for a Canadian company that took me back down into the Czech Republic and then along the Trans-Siberian to Vladivostok, which ended up gracing me with one of the most obnoxious asses I have ever had the displeasure to meet as well as a wonderful lady who fate had deemed it necessary to grant her a minor stroke or something on the train in the middle of BFE (that’s “Bum Fuck Egypt” for anyone that cares to know)! I guess I should also mention something about how my kid is turning my head around as well … in a good way. Guess I can be a daddy if I really have to be. From time to time, the question is also put to me about the coming elections in the US. To save any more repetition, my answer is usually as such: At the present moment, if a sponge were running for office, that’s who (or what) I would put my vote for. They all suck! Really! Do I vote? No. The election of Bush Jr. for a second term solidified the fact that it doesn’t make sense to. That’s all I will say. Politics ain’t my thing, so I won’t even go into it, as I am really in no way qualified (or interested) enough to say much more. Just give me my family, music, a bit of travel and a good bottle of single malt whisky … bliss! Back at you soon (really!).